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Patirer Ozone Capsule

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PATIRER 03 Ozone Capsule,

PATIRER O3 enriches extra virgin olive oil with the purest ozone, locally produced and packed into our Ozone Capsule. Ozon Kapsül uses extra virgin olive oil from selected regions and selected olive varieties. The ozone we use is composed of pure O2 using cold plasma, making it the purest ozone. PATIRER O3's patented ozonation process does not require heat, which means it can maintain the purity of olive oil and bind ozone more efficiently, providing high quality ozonated olive oil. This process allows us to preserve the ozone in olive oil for up to 8 years without losing its effectiveness. Our capsules are filled with 100% extra virgin olive oil and the purest ozone that can be produced. It does not contain preservatives or stabilizers, only the purest ingredients are used.

• Extra virgin Olive Oil with low acidity

• Bio certified Olive Oil

• Ozone generated on site from pure O2

• No animal testing


100% ozonated extra virgin olive oil.


Not recommended for children under 10 years old. Not for use in patients with hyperthyroidism. (Overactive thyroid). Not suitable for favism patients (deficiency of GL-6-F dehydrogenase enzyme), which is associated with an enzyme deficiency in red blood cells. Not suitable for patients with later stages of anemia and blood-related disorders. (Haemophilia, coagulopathies). It is not suitable for patients with chronic and recurrent pancreatitis. It is not suitable for patients with active bleeding or bleeding for more than 15 days (such as gastric bleeding, brain bleeding). It is not suitable for people with an ozone allergy (it is a very rare condition and more affected by odor sensitivity). Keep away from children. Keep away from direct sunlight. Store in a cold and dry place.


Take one capsule with plenty of water in the evening or in the morning.

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