Patirer Anti Aging Creamhover image

Patirer Anti Aging Cream

Function: Anti-Aging restorative skin care cream.Terms of Use: It is applied to clean skin in the ev..


Patirer Eye Contour Creamhover image

Patirer Eye Contour Cream

Function: Eye contour care cream.Terms of Use: Apply gently around the eye area in the morning and e..


Patirer Moisturising Day Creamhover image

Patirer Moisturising Day Cream

Function: Skin care cream with moisturising properties.Terms of Use:  It is suitable for daily ..


Patirer Ozone Rose Oilhover image

Patirer Ozone Rose Oil

Function: Repairing skin care oil.Terms of Use: Suitable for daily use. It is applied to clean skin ..


Patirer Anti Blemish Creamhover image

Patirer Anti Blemish Cream

FUNCTION: Skin care cream with moisturizing properties to help balance skin tone.TERMS OF USE:&..


Patirer Anti Blemish Serumhover image

Patirer Anti Blemish Serum

Function: Skin care serum to help balance skin tone.Terms of Use: It is used twice a day i..


Patirer Moisturizing Night Creamhover image

Patirer Moisturizing Night Cream

FUNCTION: Skin care and repair cream with moisturizing properties.TERMS OF USE: Suitable for daily u..


Patirer Skin Care Special Setshover image

Patirer Skin Care Special Sets

Online Special Sets ExplanationAnti-Aging Cream Eye Contour Cream Moisturising cream..


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