Patirer Anti Aging Creamhover image

Patirer Anti Aging Cream

Function: Anti-Aging restorative skin care cream.Terms of Use: It is applied to clean skin in the ev..


Patirer Anti Hair Loss Serumhover image

Patirer Anti Hair Loss Serum

Function:  Nourishing and repairing hair serum that provides easy combing of hair.Terms of Use:..


Patirer Eye Contour Creamhover image

Patirer Eye Contour Cream

Function: Eye contour care cream.Terms of Use: Apply gently around the eye area in the morning and e..


Patirer Hair Care Serum (Easy Combing)hover image

Patirer Hair Care Serum (Easy Combing)

Function:  Nourishing and repairing hair serum that provides easy combing of hair.Terms of..


Patirer Hair Care Shampoo (300 ML)hover image

Patirer Hair Care Shampoo (300 ML)

Function: Hair care shampoo that nourishes hair follicles, effective against hair loss.Terms of Use:..


Patirer Moisturising Day Creamhover image

Patirer Moisturising Day Cream

Function: Skin care cream with moisturising properties.Terms of Use:  It is suitable for daily ..


Patirer Ozone Vaseline Creamhover image

Patirer Ozone Vaseline Cream

Function: Soothing skin cream with ozonated olive oil and aromatic oils.Terms of Use: It is applied ..


Patirer Sunscreen Cream 50 SPFhover image

Patirer Sunscreen Cream 50 SPF

Function: Moisturising care cream that protects against the harmful rays of the sun.Terms of Use:&nb..


Covid-19 Nasal Spray (For Adults)hover image

Covid-19 Nasal Spray (For Adults)

Destrovr long-lasting and maximum protection spray is a mouth and nose spray that helps destroy..


Covid-19 Nasal Spray (For Children)hover image

Covid-19 Nasal Spray (For Children)

The purpose of Destrovir Mouth and Nasal Spray is to create a mechanical barrier in the nose and mou..


Patirer Anti-Cellulite Oil (50 ML)hover image

Patirer Anti-Cellulite Oil (50 ML)

Function: Body care oil effective in removing cellulite.Terms of Use:  It is applied 2 times a ..


Patirer Artichoke Capsulehover image

Patirer Artichoke Capsule

IngredientsCynara Scolymus Leaf Extract, Milk Thistle Extract, Dandelion Root ExtractFeaturesArticho..


Patirer Black Seed Capsulehover image

Patirer Black Seed Capsule

Ingrédients Huile de cumin noir, gélatine de boeuf, glycérol (E422)        &..


Patirer EC Cream (for Eczema)hover image

Patirer EC Cream (for Eczema)

Function: Skin care and repair oil with moisturizing properties for eczema skin.Terms of Use: Apply ..


Patirer Eyebrow & Eyelash Serumhover image

Patirer Eyebrow & Eyelash Serum

Function: Special care serum for eyebrows and eyelashes.Terms of Use: It is applied to eyebrows and ..


Patirer Genital Hygiene Sprayhover image

Patirer Genital Hygiene Spray

Function: Hygienic spray that cares and repairs the genital area.Terms of Use:  Suitable for da..


Patirer Intense Acne Creamhover image

Patirer Intense Acne Cream

Function: Skin care cream suitable for acne-prone skin.Terms of Use: It is used twice a day, morning..


Patirer Intense Anti-Blemish Cream (50 ML)hover image

Patirer Intense Anti-Blemish Cream (50 ML)

Function: Skin care cream with moisturizing properties to help balance skin tone.Terms of Use: It is..


Patirer Intense Ozone Oil 8% (50 ML)hover image

Patirer Intense Ozone Oil 8% (50 ML)

Function:  Skin care oil suitable for use on face and body.Terms of Use:  It is applied to..


Patirer Ozone Capsulehover image

Patirer Ozone Capsule

Function: Soft Gel CapsuleTerms of Use: Take one capsule daily in the morning on an empty stomach af..


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