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Patirer Anti Hair Loss Sprayhover image

Patirer Anti Hair Loss Spray

PATIRER 03 Anti Hair Loss Spray has a special formula consisting of Multi Vitamin Complex, Beta Gluc..


Patirer Anti-Aging Creamhover image

Patirer Anti-Aging Cream

FEATURESPATIRER O3 Anti-Aging Cream is specially formulated for fast absorption and clean skin after..


Patirer Eye Contour Cream 30 MLhover image

Patirer Eye Contour Cream 30 ML

FEATURESPATIRER O3 Eye Contour Care Cream; It supports your skin from the outside in preventing crow..


Patirer Fix Creamhover image

Patirer Fix Cream

FEATURES: PATIRER O3’s Fix Cream special formula is designed for deep skin penetration for more eff..


Patirer Genital Sprayhover image

Patirer Genital Spray

FEATURES: Our formula is based on essential oils. Hygiene is very important, especially when it com..


Patirer Hair Care Shampoohover image

Patirer Hair Care Shampoo

PATIRER 03 Hair Care Shampoo, Procapil - Ozonized Olive Oil - Keratin - Argan Oil - Aloe Vera . An i..


Patirer Intense Hair Care Gel (After Shower)hover image

Patirer Intense Hair Care Gel (After Shower)

PATIRER 03 Easy Combing Gel has been developed for Dry and Damaged hair. It helps to revitalize, fil..


Patirer Moisturising creamhover image

Patirer Moisturising cream

PATIRER 03 Moisturizing Cream; Suitable for normal to oily and oily skin. It helps to balance sebum ..


Patirer Ozone Capsulehover image

Patirer Ozone Capsule

PATIRER 03 Ozone Capsule,PATIRER O3 enriches extra virgin olive oil with the purest ozone, locally p..


Patirer Ozone Cream 16%hover image

Patirer Ozone Cream 16%

PATIRER 03 Ozone Cream is applied to locally damaged areas such as blemishes, acne, diabetic wounds,..


Patirer Sunscreen Cream 50 SPFhover image

Patirer Sunscreen Cream 50 SPF

FEATURESPATIRER Sunscream 50SPF is specially formulated for fast absorption and clean skin afterappl..


Covid-19 Nasal Spray (For Adults)hover image

Covid-19 Nasal Spray (For Adults)

Destrovr long-lasting and maximum protection spray is a mouth and nose spray that helps destroy..


Covid-19 Nasal Spray (For Children)hover image

Covid-19 Nasal Spray (For Children)

The purpose of Destrovir Mouth and Nasal Spray is to create a mechanical barrier in the nose and mou..


Patirer Anti-Cellulite Gelhover image

Patirer Anti-Cellulite Gel

FEATURES PATIRER O3 Anti-Cellulite Gel special formula is designed for deep skin penetration for mo..


Patirer Artichoke Capsulehover image

Patirer Artichoke Capsule

IngredientsCynara Scolymus Leaf Extract, Milk Thistle Extract, Dandelion Root ExtractFeaturesArticho..


Patirer Black Seed Capsulehover image

Patirer Black Seed Capsule

Ingrédients Huile de cumin noir, gélatine de boeuf, glycérol (E422)        &..


Patirer Massage Gelhover image

Patirer Massage Gel

PATIRER 03 Massage Gel is obtained from pure olive oil enriched by leaving it to ozone for weeks in ..


Patirer Ozone Gel 8%hover image

Patirer Ozone Gel 8%

The medical ozone in PATIRER 03 Ozone Gel helps to regenerate cells rapidly and provides vitality an..


Patirer Ozone Mix Oil %4 (with ozonated olive oil + shea butter + rose oil)hover image

Patirer Ozone Mix Oil %4 (with ozonated olive oil + shea butter + rose oil)

PATIRER 03 Ozone Mix moisturizes, revitalizes and repairs the skin thanks to the Shea Butter and Ros..


Patirer Ozone Oil 4%hover image

Patirer Ozone Oil 4%

PATIRER 03 Ozone Oil cleans the skin, and the medical ozone it contains helps cell regeneration and ..


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