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Patirer Hair Care Shampoo

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  • PATIRER 03 Hair Care Shampoo, Procapil - Ozonized Olive Oil - Keratin - Argan Oil - Aloe Vera .
  • An indispensable product for those who love their hair and take care of the health of their scalp.


PATIRER O3’s Shampoo with ozonized olive oil does not contain SLS, SLES, SALT, PARABENS. A new professional formula of ozonized olive oil and Argan that nourishes the hair and scalp. Ourproducts are not tested on animals. The right shampoo is key for a healthy hair. Transform your hairwith PATIRER O3’s Shampoo newest formula of ozonized olive oil, argan and keratin. Featuring a strong blend of nutrients PATIRER O3’s Shampoo helps keep moisture in your hair without dry locksand split ends. Buy our 3-Step PATIRER O3 Hair Care Set with an amazing offer.


Aqua, Ozonized Olive Oil , Niacınamide, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Polysorbate 20, Parfum, Allantoin, Tetrasodium EDTA, Phenoxyethanol, Heptapeptide-15 Palmitate, Caprylyl Glycol, Glycerin, Phenylpropanol, Glyceryl Caprylate, Sodium Hyaluronate, Collagen, Panthenol, Lactic Acid


Keep out of reach of children. Do not swallow. Keep away from direct sunlight. Keep in a cool and dry place. Avoid contact with the eyes. In case of any undesirable effects, contact with the eyes orswallowing the product please contact your doctor.


It is convenient for everyday use. Massage into wet hair with your fingertips three times a week. After waiting for two minutes, rinse with plenty of water. Do not use any other shampoo or soap while using.


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