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Patirer OxyGyno

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Product Name : 3 in 1 Super Facial Portable Oxygen Facial Machine
Feature : Pigment Removal, Skin Tightening, Whitening, For Skin
Target Region : Whole Face
Brand Name : PATIRER
Warranty : 1 Year
Technology : Ultrasonic+ RF+ Oxygen
Headgear : 3 pcs Hand Headgear
Advantage : Clinically Approved 100% Safe
Plug Type : EU
Origin : China
Voltage : AC 110V/220V 50-60Hz
Working System : Oxygen Facial Machine
Vibration Frequency : 5-30Hz
User Interface : LCD Colour Touch Screen

What is OxyGeneo? 
OxyGeneo, a new generation skin care technology, is a skin care product that offers 3 basic care at the same time and differs from other methods with this feature. 

How does OxyGeneo show its effect? 
When NeoRevive and NeoBright gels with high nutritional value come into contact with Capsugen on the skin surface, OxyGeneo starts to show its effect. The gel effect applied to the skin with the help of Capsugen attached to a rotating head starts a cleaning and mechanical peeling process. During this process, OxyGeneo allows extremely small particles containing intense carbon dioxide to spread and open in small bubbles on the skin (similar to the dissolution of an effervescent product in water).  This carbon dioxide-rich content triggers a physiological response called the "Bohr effect" in the skin, increasing the oxygen content of the tissues. This results in
- Blood flow increases in the application area,
- This increase in blood flow creates a blood circulation with a higher oxygen content in the area,
- This blood circulation with high oxygen content also increases the metabolism of the tissues in the area.

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