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I use these products, first impression is that it has a nice and sleek appearance. I can use the bottles for quite a long time. I use it 1-2 x a week, it gives positive results so far. My hair has become healthier, because I had damaged hair and broken ends due to the dyeing. The product also offers more volume. And after using it for a long time, I notice that my hair has become healthier again and I am positive about the products so far. You pay for it, but it also gives a lot in return, so the money is worth it.

Manling Chong

I Use The Moisturizer With SPF And It Feels Light And Makes My Skin My And Soft. I Have Oily Skin Myself And This Makes My Skin Better And Not So Oily. Very Happy With It!

Cheryl Laguardia

I am currently using the brand’s shampoo and serum. The shampoo smells great and I feel nice and fresh after washing my hair with the shampoo. I don’t have to use a lot because the structure is quite sturdy so you don’t have to put on much. After using 6x I felt my hair is different, much healthier and better, restorative. I’m very happy with it at the moment so I’ll definitely do it again. And will definitely use for longer duration as it gives results. 😊🤩😍

Türkan Merve Turan Arğalıoğlu

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